How much would I be able to learn about somebody through others’ description of this person?

How much do we know about ourselves?

I received a curated list of people including my subject's family members, friends, and one ex-boyfriend. Within a week I talked with 7 of them in person or on the phone to learn about my subject.

Download the Inter-portrait Guide to conduct your own.

Project for the course Experimental Capture by Professor Golan Levin

Artificial Habitat

Phipps Conservatory is a public indoor and outdoor garden set located in Pittsburgh. I wanted to capture the subtle yet intense presence of artificiality that contribute to the unique ambience of this conservatory. In this conservatory nature is manipulated according to humane taste, sustained through these hidden utilities. This project is a journey of recognizing these minuscule and under appreciated “artificials” and reinterpretation of nature in urban areas.

Project for the course Digital Photography I Instructed by Professor Aaron Blum

Personal Sonata for Instrument X

Why does music have to be represented in even-sized ovals, lines and #s? Why does the other side of the world have to follow European standards in order to compose and deliver sound that is universal? Does the complexity of musical language discourage amateurs, non-professionals, people with disability from exploring music?

I produced a generative music score that enables the performer to interact, interpret and respond to the graphical elements presented. Instead of writing my own music I let the computer to "write" its own. No specific guideline was given about how read the scores. The generated score and the guitar performance were both “improvised”.

Project for the course Introduction to Computing for Creative Practices Instructed by Professor Golan Levin